Does the Derma Roller Work on Stretch Marks?

Does the Derma Roller Work on Stretch Marks?

My initial thoughts on the Derma Roller…

The Derma Roller looks like a harmless little tool that you roll up and down your skin to make it soft and silky smooth. I cannot even being to imagine how this is supposed to get rid of  stretch marks that are decades old.

Appearances can be deceiving

I learned about the Derma Roller earlier this year when I was looking online for information about fading old stretch marks. I’ve had them since I was about 14 years old. Yes, it is possible to get them at that age – and no, I wasn’t overweight. I went from a size 6 to a size 10 and my skin wasn’t too keen on joining me. My stretch marks are on my butt. I wasn’t that bothered about them at the time because I thought they’d fade as I grew older. (Oh, how much the internet has taught us). They didn’t fade, I just accumulated more and the old ones grew uglier.

I read about a woman online who had faded her old stretch marks over a course of six months with the aid of a Derma Roller. She claimed it worked. I was pleased to discover it was a bargain buy at only £7.99*

Patience is a virtue

As soon as my Derma Roller needle kit came in the post, I didn’t hesitate in rolling the thing up and down my butt cheeks with vigour. Once done, I went online to continue my research because I didn’t feel as if it was working. (I’m impatient like that). I discovered, in order to give your skin time to heal, you shouldn’t use the Derma Roller more than once a month. Right, I thought nodding. It also advised that it can be painful. I nodded again. My skin is like an elephant’s hide. Too many people these days have a low pain threshold.

An hour later, I couldn’t sit down my butt hurt so bad.

You’re supposed to use different needle sizes for different parts of the body. And you can expect some bleeding. Yikes!

Use 0.5 mm -1.0 mm to fade acne scars and dark marks on the face. 1.5 mm is recommended for less delicate areas – like your bum and thighs. Roll for about five minutes and don’t apply too much pressure. You will need some calming cream or gel with this one; Aloe Vera is good.

I’ve noticed some decrease in the scarring after two months of use. I guess you have to be patient. It’s not going to work overnight. I’m thinking about trying it on my face. I’ll start with my forehead first and then go from there.

For now…happy rolling!

*You can buy a full needle set for a little more.

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